5 Best Grocery Shopping List Apps

Whether in your thoughts or on paper, you’ve certainly made a grocery list before going to the supermarket. But how often do you remember to carry your grocery list with you so that you may shop on your way back?  With the advent of technology, using a pen and paper to write grocery lists is no longer needed. With your phone, you can effortlessly write a list of what you want and even do more.

Rather than strolling the aisles aimlessly and thinking of what you need to buy or what is left on your list, your phone can help as a reminder of what to shop for. At Luminablog, you can find lists of delivery companies in the US.

One advantage of using a  Grocery list app is that it makes everything convenient and easy for you. You can share the list virtually with your family members, giving them the privilege to add anything they want. You can get reviews on the best shopping list app on any app you want to use.

Here’s a list of Grocery apps you can use to save you time and energy

1. AnyList

AnyList is one of the popular Grocery list apps with a near-perfect rating on the app store. As you type, the Autocomplete feature proposes common items and then arranges them into categories. You can share lists with as many people as you wish by email, and any updates will sync instantly.

This app is a to-do list and a note-taking tool in one. Its name comes from its primary concentration on lists, and it allows you to construct to-do lists for any subject. The primary interface allows you to rapidly add and mark off items as they are completed and support numerous lists, and the ability to build your categories for better organization.

Grocery lists, in particular, are convenient because the app automatically categorizes products. You can also share your lists with others to add and remove items as needed.

2. Bring

Bring is a straightforward and attractive grocery list app. It adds a little sparkle to the boring chore of cataloging your shopping. You can make many lists for different purposes. For example, you can keep your Thanksgiving dinner shopping list separate from your regular shopping list. Items are shown in boxes for easy reading in the store.

If you need to see how the box looks, you can even provide product photos. It’s practical, enjoyable, and straightforward. It’s also completely free, with no in-app purchases or advertisements.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking program that is both easy and powerful. It can hold various notes, such as regular notes, lists, photographs, and even location notes. Those list notes are, of course, ideal for grocery lists. Simply add your various shopping items to the list, name the note, and you’re ready to go.

You can also send notes to roommates, family members, and others. Everyone may see the list, add to it, and cross things off as needed. It’s beneficial and practical. It’s also fully free, syncs across all of your devices, and includes some organizational tools.

4. Our Groceries

This app enables a more detailed experience. You may make grocery lists and then sort them into categories. As a result, you can specify the list and category when adding something to the app. When you’re finished, the item will be there. That makes finding things a lot easier.

The app is simple and appealing. Other capabilities include picture support and sharing lists with relatives, roommates, and others. It also works on iPhones, so all of the devices in the home should be covered. If you have Google Play Pass, you can use this app for free.

5. MealTime

With personalized recipe suggestions matched to your dietary preferences and limits, MealTime makes meal planning a picnic. When you create a new meal plan, the app automatically generates a grocery list with all the ingredients you’ll need for the week.

Even better, each meal plan is created to decrease food waste, which is good for the environment and your wallet.


Grocery lists apps are the best ways to make your grocery shopping short, fast and energy-saving.