create creations that you can do at home

create creations that you can do at home. Having to stay at home during the quarantine certainly creates a feeling of boredom if it is not filled with useful activities. To get rid of boredom during #DiRumahAja, people usually spend their time reading books, watching movies, gardening, or making handicrafts.

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Well, for those of you who are looking for ideas for DIY home projects from used goods, the following reviews might be an inspiration.

Mini Cardboard Shelf

Have used boxes piled up in the warehouse? Just magic into a mini shelf for storing things. How to make it easy, really. Just stack some cardboard and secure it with strong glue or sew the cardboard joints with large threads.

When all the boxes are stacked with the desired style, cover the entire surface with wrapping paper or paint to taste. Tadaaa… Mini rack made of used cardboard is ready to use!

Wooden side table

After building a house there is usually a lot of material left, one of which is wood or plates. Now, instead of ending up in the trash, let’s just create a beautiful side table. Prepare a circle of wood planks (about 40 cm in diameter), 4 pieces of wood along 50 cm for the legs of the table, nails, and paint.

Nail the legs of the table to the top and make sure all surfaces are neat and there are no protruding nails. Sand the table before painting. Voila! A beautiful side table made of used wood is ready to be displayed in your bedroom or living room.

Car tires that are no longer used can also be used as plant pots, you know. This DIY project is also very easy. In addition to tires, you only need to prepare colorful paints.

To do this, paint the outer surface of the tire with the desired color. You can use one or two colors according to your taste. Wait until the paint is completely dry before using it. This used tire pot is guaranteed to make your home page look more tidy and beautiful.

Wooden Pallets for Beds

Do you want to have a rustic concept room? Just try making a bed from used wooden pallets. Besides being unique, this DIY project is also cheap, you know. You also don’t have to buy the expensive bed set and headboard.

The trick is to connect several wooden pallets with nails. Adjust the size according to the width and length of your mattress. After that, sand and varnish all parts to make it look even more beautiful.

Wooden Pallets Kitchen Shelf

In addition to beds, wooden pallets can also be used to make unique kitchen shelves, you know. On the internet, there are many DIY kitchen shelf inspiration from wooden pallets that you can sample.

Make sure the cut and size are symmetrical, then use a drill so that the joints between the pallets are tidier, then sandpaper to remove the wood fibers sticking out. It’s best not to paint it so that the rustic touch remains. If so, varnish all parts of the shelf so that it looks even more beautiful. Done!

So, those are some DIY home project ideas that you can try during the Covid-19 quarantine. To help restore male and female stamina and help maintain concentration and maintain freshness during hard work and sports.

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